Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1 Second Everyday - APP REVIEW

Imagine watching the days of your lives encapsulated as a movie, featuring YOU! 1 Second Everyday does just that! This application has been noted for the positive impact it has had on people and their lives! Having tried it out we can confidently say that this is an app that’ll never let you forget another day ever again! Relive everyday of your life within minutes! Recreate 1 year in 6 minutes!
What makes it so special? Well 1 Second Everyday is a unique video app designed to help users remember their lives by compiling 1-second snippets from videos currently in the Camera Roll.
Users are presented with a calendar to help them get started. The app immediately accesses stored videos, which are indicated by orange days. Simply pick a one-second snippet and then tap on the compile button to mash the seconds into a 1SE video. The range of time is completely up to users as it is quite possible to capture a month, year or any range of time by choosing custom date sets.
Since the app was just launched, it still has a few bugs that need polishing. A recent update has fixed some stability and functionality issues, but there are some features that could make it better like the ability to access DropBox and a way to increase the time of clips. We’re definitely excited to see what’s in store for the future.
-          Set up reminders to never forget a day
-         Keep multiple timelines and work on multiple projects at once
-   Your seconds are privately held on your phone!

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