Wednesday, September 11, 2013

iPhone 5C/5S! This September!

10th September. Apple Launch. Outcome? Never before attempted launch of two iPhones! 5C! 5S! The long awaited new generation iPhone has arrived with double the excitement. Grab it in stored on Sept. 20th! Or pre-order the 5C starting Sept. 13th! 

5C! Consumer Friendly! Cheerful! Cool! Cheap! The first budget iPhone was unveiled with almost the same specifications as iPhone 5 however with a colorful plastic panel! Available in blue, pink, yellow, green and white! 

On the contrary we see the iPhone 5S! Smart! Sleek! Sexy! Secure! The first iPhone with a fingerprint scanner for the safest generation. This will now act as the password to unlock your phone and other activities. It is also enriched with the latest A7 process re-engineered for a 64-bit architecture, allowing it to be a much faster phone. This iPhone 5S will take over the iPhone 5 (that is being discontinued) as the latest device of the company. Available in gold, white and black! 

5C? 5S? 5C! 5S! What's your take? What's your buy? And what's your views? Tell us here today! 


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